PRK (photo refractive keratectomy) was the first type of laser vision correction studied and approved by the FDA.

In PRK, the surface epithelial cells are removed and the smooth homogeneous basement membrane and underlying Bowman’s layer are exposed. The laser treatment then removes a precise amount of tissue and a precise pattern depending upon the refractive error and the corneal shape. A “bandage” contact lens is then placed.

Drops that reduce discomfort and are intended to prevent infection or reduce inflammation are applied for approximately one week.

The vision recovers when the epithelium heals (usually in four to five days) and the bandage contact lens is then removed. PRK was the first form of laser vision correction studied and approved by the FDA. Newer lasers or software adaptations may have employed LASIK flaps to prepare the eye for the laser treatment.

These new approvals are for Lasik and with some lasers PRK or PRK enhancement of previous Lasik is considered “off label” as it has not been formally studied in an FDA trial although the safety and efficacy has been established in multiple for review articles.

PRK Pricing

Dr. Snyder is very experienced and an excellent surgeon. He is currently offering PRK using VISX STAR S4 Excimer laser with CustomVue technology at $1645 per eye. Contact us today at 520-327-2020 for more information.